"Jeanette's energy is infectious.  From the moment you walk into the studio, you have to smile and lift yourself up because of her radiant personae.  You then begin her class as she guides you from gentle breathing practice into complex and challenging poses...all the while allowing you to laugh and meet yourself where you're at!  Her X-Factor as a teacher is her genuine care and love of her students.  You are just better for being in her class!"

Sarah Maxwell
Retired Canadian Pro Athlete
Business Owner & Consultant

"When I first started seeing Jeanette my body was broken with lower back issues. What I love about her approach to massage is that it is restorative and empowering. She focuses on specific areas that require the attention and my body responded and began to heal. Her touch is firm but soothing. I always feel great after Jeanette's massage and feel grateful to have access to her."


"I have had the privilege of guidance by some of the most well known names in modern yoga from Shiva Rea to Maty Ezraty, Les Leventhal, Duncan Peak and the gorgeous Lafonds. It is impossible to compare and would be wrong to do so as I treasure those experiences and their passion has fed mine. But it is Jeanette that guides me home and I seek out her classes for that reason. I am always extended and challenged and leave grounded and nourished. She is attentive to the differences of individuals in her class and is astute when it comes to injury prevention meaning I feel safe in my practice. But I wish she would stop doing that bloody peacock thing cause I can't frigging do it."

Kristen Smith

"I have been practicing with Jeanette for 2 great years. During this time she has significantly helped me improve my yoga practice both physically and mentally. Jeanette takes the extra time with her students to help with alignment and always caters well for different levels of experience in her classes. I have enjoyed practicing with Jeanette and am certain that I now have access to several poses which I would not have been able to come into on my own without Jeanette's assistance and guidance. Thank you Jeanette for being such a great teacher!"

Brittany Wappett
Environmental Professional

"Jeanette is such a special and fantastic teacher. It is a privilege to share my yoga journey with her. Her loving and caring teaching techniques encourages the students to explore, feel and enjoy their bodies. She knows where each student is at and helps them with gentle adjustments and alignment clues to make the most of their capabilities. At the same time, she also has the skill to guide the class as a group generating a lovely energy and atmosphere in the room.  Personally, she is one of the most inspirational teachers I have had and I love to be guided by her in my practice. Last but not least, she always is sharing her beautiful smile with everybody!"

Vanesa Tomatis

"I have found that Jeanette at  Andrelax is able to combine a very professional Remedial Massage for the triathlon wear and tear on my body, with a combination of care and attention to detail, to produce a wonderfully relaxing experience as well.  Most massages are one or the other and it is refreshing to enjoy both together.  I can recommend Jeanette to any serious athlete who wants to be a bit pampered at the same time."



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